USBCard 2GB White

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USBCard 2GB White
Réf : 30578
Marque : WENGER
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Référence de l'article : 30578
Code EAN : 4021801305787

World’s slimmest USB Flash memory device from Freecom in credit
card size with built-in USB 2.0 connector. For Win & Mac.
Color : white

Capacity: 2GB
Save your data on a credit-card like device
Carry your precious data in your wallet
Smart solution at affordable price
Slimmest USB flash storage device
Flat USB connector clicks inside the card
Including password protection & encryption software
Patented by Freecom Technologies

Quote from the magazine Macworld:
“To have a lot of memory is always good, but to have it with
you is even better! To be honest, how many usb memory sticks
don’t you have at home in different boxes? And do you really
carry them with you when you need them? Freecom has a clever
solution- a usb-memory that fits your wallet without any problem.
The memory is in the same size as a credit card and approximately
twice as thick. The actual usb-contact is ultrathin and is folded
out from the card itself when using it to your computer, a
solution that is really flexible. The memory comes in different
sizes, from 1 to 8 GB, so there is lot of data being stored in
your wallet. The card supports usb 2.0 standard for faster data
transference. If we must find something negative then it´s the
actual usb-contact. It´s a clever solution, but it can be hard
to use other usb gadgets connected to your computer, in the same
time, due to that the card takes space by the width”

Who leaves home without a wallet? No one!
On the way to friends or on a business trip, whether you have
time or when you are in a hurry, you never forget your wallet.
Thanks to Freecom USBCard you will never forget your data either.
Your files will follow you wherever you go. Don’t even think about
it, the files are in your wallet! Freecom USBCard sets a new standard
in mobile storage. The USBCard adopts the most accepted form
factor in the world, a credit card! It is as thin and compact as a
common credit card, fits in any wallet or card holder and stores up
to 4GB data. What do you carry in your wallet? Your most private
data; your ID, driver‘s licence, credit and health card, membership
cards or pictures of your children. Where do you store your electronic
files? They belong with those valuables. Professional users, who
value their data as much as their
money, keep their data safe in their wallet - stored on the Freecom USBCard.

Both the form factor and the technology used in Freecom USBCard
represent innovation. All electronics have been embedded into the ultra
slim USB connector which is integrated in the USBCard and can easily be
clicked out to be plugged into any PC/Notebook USB port. The data is securely
stored into the electronic part of the USB connector and remains safe even
if the card gets damaged.

Carry It Easy Software

Personal: Carry it Easy™ helps you to take all your personal data wherever
you want to go. Send and receive e-mails from any computer that runs Windows
2000 or XP. Have your favorite links with you and access them from any
computer, the regular way or with No Trace Browsing. Work anywhere you
want and carry your files with you with just a few clicks. All this comes
with an interface available in 7 languages.

Private: Carry it Easy™ password-protects your data from unwanted access.
Still, if you lose your USBCard the finder can see your contact details
but can’t see the password protected files. Carry it Easy™ also offers
the No Trace Browsing function so all the data related to Internet
surfing (Cookies, Cache, History) is stored on the USBCard and can be
deleted afterwards.

Easy to use: Everything is simple when using Carry it Easy™. The friendly
and appealing interface and functions couldn’t be easier to use; from the
intuitive initial configuration process to the No Trace Browsing every
step takes only a few clicks.

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